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About Specialty Seam & Joint Tape

Taping the seams and joints in a building is a core component of the long term structural integrity of a room or building and requires quality joint tape.To do this work properly, you need a joint tape or specialty seam tape that is specifically designed for the situation at hand.  Cement board and patch & repair  surfaces are very different settings, and require very different tapes.  Roofs and decks have their own challenges and needs, and call for special tape as well.  From plywood, concrete and metal to drywall, cement board and more, Paint Supply offers a broad selection of specialty seam and joint tape to meet any level of adhesion, moisture resistance and tensile strength to ensure that you get the right tape for your project.

Projects that require other materials, Paint Supply stocks a variety of products to help complete the task at hand, from mortar and concrete patch to spackling and joint compound we have it all.